(ENG) saito kyoko official blog - 【2018.01.08】coming of age day

january 8th is coming of age day!(^.^)

congratulations to all the new adults!!

in kanji that's nijikasan, ozekisan, fuyukasan, suzumotosan, naakosan, habusan, and moriyasan.

in hiragana it's ushio sarina, kato shiho and me.

we're new adults!

here are photos i took in private last year!!




i tried wearing a shawl too💓


appearance from behind👩🏻

i chose a red furisode with a classical pattern♪👘



and today is the year's first private handshake event at makuhari!!( ˊᵕˋ )♪

it's been a while since the last handshake event, so let's talk a lot♬

let's have fun with kyonko situation too😋💓


saito kyoko