(ENG) kato shiho official blog - 【2017.11.20】May the Force be with you(・ω・)

good evening!

it's hiragana keyakizaka46's kato shiho

today was the fifth single individual handshake event at pacifico yokohama(^。^)

today there were lots of people who came for the first time*1, it was fun to get along together with everyone who was a new fan!*2 though i say i'd remember your names i'm bad at remembering i'm really sorry(>人<;)but i'll easily remember your face so don't worry!!

those who always come, just by coming you give me peace of mind and it's too fun! thank you so much☺︎

and, there are also lots of people who come to see me from hokkaido, from miyazaki, from shikoku, from very far away places, i become full of really really happy feelings! 

besides that those who come after working night shift or who were looking forward to it so much they couldn't sleep, everyone's feelings conveyed so much my heart almost hurts, i thought that in order to repay everyone as hiragana keyaki we have to do our best even more!

everyone please take care returning, get some rest!

i think there are lots who have work again from tomorrow or, have school too so, do your best together with me☺︎

once again you're all the source of my power and, i thought "you're a indispensible existence"!

i'm uploading the pictures of today's handshake event part-by-part(^。^)


part 1

a fluffy beret with a grey knit dress! i tried going with a more girly attire than usual☺︎


part 2


the second part was also my recent favorite knit dress!

i did my recently favorite favorite hairstyle, pigtails~

part 3

i wore a star wars jedi costume(^。^)

the lightsaber i brought is anakin's~

by the way toshichan's force power is the strongest!!!


this costume is a different color than sasaki kumi's!
since sasaki kumi's is light brown the obiwan feeling was strong! naturally she's kikuwan kenobi!!!!

haa i want to see star wars!!!!!

may the force be with you、、、

part 5



since there's no individual handshake event in december, it's a little early but, i wore a christmas costume(^。^)


the makeup artist put cute sparkly stars in my hair! cute! star! it's my favorite☆


and it's the flowers i got today!


i received this many flowers!
i'm too happy(・ω・)!!
i took photos one by one so i'm uploading them!









thank you for the lovely flowers☺︎


this year's last handshake event, thank you so much!

though it's me that does nothing but cause everyone worry, please treat me well from now on(^。^)!

kato shiho