(ENG) kato shiho official blog - 【2017.11.08】toshichan above the clouds( ・ω・)

good evening!
it's keyakizaka46's kato shiho


yesterday i went to see nogizaka46's midsummer nationwide tour final!

i was so moved that i couldn't stop crying!
and, i was quite motivated by the 3rd generation's performance as they entered around the same time as we did!*1
hiragana keyaki has to do their best too!!!!

thank you so much for letting me attend!

changing the subject, tonight from 11pm on TS ONE UNITED bauchan (iguchi mao) was able to appear for hiragana keyakizaka46's "hajimemashite" radio☺︎

recording with bauchan is super fun and since this is content where you can get to know more about us, definitely listen(^。^)

oh, hey hey look~
toshichan went above the clouds!!!!

andand, since i didn't publish the pictures of the flowers i received at the fukuoka performance on my blog last time, i'm publishing them!





thank you for the lovely flowers!!
i love fukouka☺︎*2

kato shiho




*1:holy moly this was not something you'd see in english ever—ほぼ同期の3期生さんたちのパフォーマンス is the original japanese here. which is roughly like, "the performance of those who are about the same period as us the third generation". so... more natural it is!

*2:福岡すいとーよ—すいとー is 好きだ in fukuoka dialect.