(ENG) kageyama yuuka official blog - 【2017.11.01】candy. 433.

good job today too(*゚v゚*)

it was a day where i once again came to realize how happy and thankful i was as i was slowly getting into the bath. 

i'm glad. 

it's kageyama yuuka!

i'm sorry for not writing.*1

i have something i want to talk about but let me talk about that at a time when things have calmed down!

today... is this!!


meow meow. 


because it's halloween i became a cat.



kageyama-san. i'm bad at upturned eyes. it'll look like i'm glaring. sowwy. 


it's embarrasing being damp while wearing this(´・_・`)

trick or treat!!

i'll leave you with that~

see you soon...♡

kageyama  yuuka


*1:she used そんそーん here, which... seems to be a pouting face? or like a puppy face. maybe referencing her costume.