(ENG) kato shiho official blog - 【2017.10.13】i'm doing showroom!( ・ω・)


it's keyakizaka46's kato shiho


today from 11pm!

we will do a showroom live broadcast of our advanced viewing party for the first drama starring hiragana keyakizaka46’s, “re:mind” on netflix (o^^o)!!

the members appearing in this showroom are iguchi mao, ushio sarina, saito kyoko, sazaki kumi, takamoto ayaka and me, the six of us!

it seems like we can have a lot of fun with these members
i guess it’s like hiragana’s oneesan team( ˘ω˘ )
i’m looking forward to it~☺︎

i wonder what sort of broadcast it’ll become,,,!!

it’s a live broadcast today from 11pm! absolutely watch!!!!

↑ you can view from here!

i also want to read lots of comments!!
please make lots of comments♡

see you later then~☺︎


kato shiho