(ENG) saito kyoko official blog - 【2017.10.06】thank you!

thank you to everyone who entered into the 5th single handshake event drawing!!

all 18 slots sold out!(*_*)

really thank you so much!!(T ^ T)



 i'm doing "kyonko situation" at this time's handshake event but, from now on i'm considering what kind of situation i should go with( › ·̮ ‹ )♬

i'm thinking of situations that i can enjoy with everyone so please look forward to it♪


that said what kind of situation does everyone think will be good...?( ⸝⸝•。•⸝⸝ )

the first individual handshake on 11/5 (sunday) at kyoto pulse plaza is just 1 month from now!!(*´꒳`*)


the drama is already starting so*1 tell me your impressions of the drama too☆



everyone, thank you so much!♡

saito kyoko



*1:original text is 「もうドラマも始まっている時期なので」which i felt would be redundant if i translated it as 'because it's already the season for the drama beginning, too'