(ENG) saito kyoko official blog - 【2017.10.05】fall

lately when wearing western-style clothes, i'm hesitant over whether or not to go with long sleeves or half sleeves! ( ⸝⸝•。•⸝⸝ )

we've entered october and it's gotten cool, huh♪(*´꒳`*)

it feels like "no~w it's autumn"

the season of the year i like most is autumn♬

autumn is not hot nor cold, and since you can look forward to end-of-the-year events i like it(^^)


i want to go shopping for fall and winter things~...(  ˊ࿁ˋ ) ᐝ

after that i also want to go to a ramen shop and karaoke!


and for the 5th single individual handshake event, the second-round entry reception is the fifth (thursday) from 2:00pm until 2:00pm on the sixth (friday)!\( ´ ꒳ ` )/♡︎

you can enter here


let's have fun with "kyonko situation"( › ·̮ ‹ )♫


well then good night♡︎

saito kyoko